Cradle to Cradle Assessment & Certification

Choosing for your product to become Cradle to Cradle® Certified is a very special & unique decision to make, the commitment is binding & rigorous and requires great courage, as does all pioneering work!

This is why we made the choice to become affiliated with the Cradle to Cradle® Pioneers at MBDC, William McDonough and Michael Braungart at EPEA(Hamburg), because we are a unique Marketplace & only want the very best for our families, our friends, our customers, our world!

For us, being an affiliate means we can offer manufacturers, producers & suppliers the opportunity to join the move towards the Cradle to Cradle® way of thinking & doing. In doing this we are applying Circular Economic principles by assisting more people onto the path of certification, we get the opportunity to eventually provide access to those products through our marketplace.

This is true game changing innovation for eco-effective, superbly equitable and economically abundant living.

When you decide your company is ready to engage with the Cradle to Cradle® ethos & practicalities, email us and we will make preliminary assessments, connections & introductions.

The Future is happening NOW!

Access to Certification Services

The services offered by MBDC & EPEA that Cradle to Cradle® Marketplace can assist with:

Receive quick feedback on the Cradle to Cradle potential of a product based on publicly available information. This screen can provide initial guidance in selecting products and can help manufacturers gauge a product's fit for certification or other product services.

MBDC or EPEA conducts a thorough evaluation of product impacts to humans and the environment using data collected from the manufacturer and throughout the supply chain. This in-depth process helps manufacturers identify risks throughout the supply chain and identify priorities for improving a product's eco-effectiveness.

MBDC or EPEA will analyze the product inventory and assessment and partner with you to improve product design and manufacturing operations to minimize negative impacts, optimize positive impacts, and work towards the goal of 100% good for people, planet, and profits.

Useful Documents

The 5 Pillars

Material Health

Product ingredients are inventoried throughout the supply chain and evaluated for impacts to human and ecological health. The criteria at each level build towards the expectation of eliminating all toxic and unidentified chemicals and becoming nutrients for safe, continuous cycling.

Material Reutilisation

Products are designed to either biodegrade safely as a biological nutrient or to be recycled into new products as a technical nutrient. At each level continued progress must be made towards increasing the recovery of materials and keeping them in continuous flows.

Renewable Energy & Carbon Management

The criteria at each level progress towards to goal of all manufacturing operations that are carbon neutral and powered with 100% renewable energy.

Water Stewardship

Manufacturing processes are designed to regard water as a precious resource for all living things and at each level progress is made towards the goal of all effluent being clean enough to drink.

Social Fairness

Company operations are designed to celebrate all people and natural systems and progress is made towards the goal of having a wholly beneficial impact on the planet.

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