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gPants Limited Edition Gertie




Very Limited Supply of these Limited Edition : Gertie gPants

Gertie gPants are sweet as can be with a field of flowers and embroidered g on the back.

We are redefining disposable nappies to give you convenience of disposables, with breathability (more comfort & less rash), a clear conscience and a cute look. 

The soft cotton gPants come in lots of colours and are comfy for your baby. 

Inside each pair of gPants is a waterproof pouch which makes the famously leak-proof seal.

 The waterproof pouch is made with our patented gBreathe technology, which means less rash for baby. 

The pouch can be popped out easily and washed without washing the gPants, saving on washing. 

Our Disposable Inserts for use inside the gPants are completely compostable (wet ones only) in 50-100 days and certified Cradle To Cradle™, so you know that the ingredients in our products are safe and contribute to putting good nutrients back into the Earth.

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