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Fuelling the Circular Economy

Buying C2C Certified® Products & Driving the Circular Economy

This new wealth & abundance concept is mystifying some folks, what the heck IS a Circular Economy?

Explaining the circular economy has often been difficult for me, as I am a simple man with complex ideas and these 2 states of being often battle for position in my consciousness. I want my world to be simple, yet it seems the execution of this simplicity is, complex!?

So how do we resolve this, both within ourselves & in the world as a whole!?

The answer is the Circular Economy & Cradle to Cradle® thinking.

Nature in it's essence is circular, seed falls down from dying tree, seed germinates & grows into tree, tree sequesters carbon & provides food/nourishment, tree disperses 100's of seeds, tree dies seeds perpetuate and grow into more trees and the cycles continue endlessly, in abundant variety & diversity.

Cradle to Cradle & The Circular Economy celebrate and promote this way of engaging with finance and economy, for a world of abundance and proliferation, NOT a world of lack, less & limitation.

So we humans make stuff from the resources we have "borrowed" from nature, producing food, clothing, homes, furniture, infrastructure, cities; all needed for our awe inspiring existence! Yes, we have made a lot of stuff and much of this stuff is not as good as what we would expect nature to provide us with.

In the last 15 years concepts of circularity in ALL spheres of thinking have become more effective and have pioneered huge leaps and bounds in the way we as human beings engage with the abundance of life on planet earth.

Cradle to Cradle Marketplace embodies, promotes & encourages this Circular Economy model. We are committed to making our processes and way of operating as close to circular in nature as possible.

It is sublime & simple:

Manufacturers produce high quality Cradle to Cradle Certified® Goods, we buy them wholesale & present them for sale on your Cradle to Cradle Marketplace, you buy them, we use up to 50% of the profits to support other manufacturers/businesses to certify their products creating more healthy products in circulation in the world, those companies then sell their newly C2C Certified® products through your Cradle to Cradle Marketplace and so the cycle repeats, endlessly in abundant health & wealth for ALL.

Like many people reading this, I believe we have the ability, awareness and power to evolve from a linear, limited and limiting economy to an economy of abundant resource, ingenuity, innovation & one that celebrates life in ALL ways, for good, forever!

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