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November 22, 2016

The bottle IS the message

We were overjoyed to hear of the launch of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze plastic Dopper range, this gave us the opportunity to support our new partners in their endeavour to reduce single use plastics and clean up our precious oceans... oh yes AND support their Doppe...
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written by Paul Capel - C2CMP Co-Founder & Director

One of the first deep dives that I made into the world of Cradle to Cradle® was while I was researching for my master's degree back in 2008. This adventure was to travel to Frankfurt to an event called NUTEC. A Cradle to Cradle® trade fair where I was to meet Bill and Ke...
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Cradle to Cradle Marketplace @ The Dutch Embassy

It is ten past four on 21st March 2016, I make a superman like change from my bright yellow and orange Hawaiian style working shirt in to a neatly pressed colourful Paul Smith stripped shirt and a black dinner jacket, in preparation to welcome our esteemed guests and key not...
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Fashion Positive Ushers in the Cradle to Cradle Fashion Revolution

The concept of Cradle to Cradle® Design has been slowly and diligently infiltrating mainstream fashion debates, articles and fashion consciousness over the last few years. Prof. Frances Corner, Head of the London College of Fashion recently quoted the term 'cradle to cradle...
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Dutch province of Fryslân chooses closed-loop recycling with Satino Black

Just recently, the province of Friesland and Theater de Maaspoort in Venlo decided in favour of purchasing Satino Black. The province of Friesland and Van Houtum have also entered into an additional closed-loop recycling agreement. We take back recovered paper from the provi...
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Let's Celebrate in true Cradle to Cradle Abundance

Celebrations over the Christmas holidays take on various forms for the diverse cultures all over the world. Most do however have one thing in common, family & friends, these are the people we celebrate both our challenges & victories with, in honour of close companio...
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It was a sunny day here in London when we met with the awesome ladies at gNappies to discuss our partnership. For Paul & I it seemed like a full circle event as we had first met each other in mid summer 2006 at a local NCT class. We had a discussion about the awesome g...
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Buying C2C Certified Products & Driving the Circular Economy

This new wealth & abundance concept is mystifying some folks, what the heck IS a Circular Economy? Explaining the circular economy has often been difficult for me, as I am a simple man with complex ideas and these 2 states of being often battle for position in my consc...
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a REALLY MERRY Christmas

So we have been packaging, shipping & taking & making orders for all you lovely people to make sure you ALL get your AMAZING Cradle to Cradle Certified products in time for Christmas, so you can share the true gift of Christmas, love, with your friends & family. ...
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C2CBIZZ Antwerp

November 27, 2014

Meeting old friends, Making new friends

WOW! What an amazing time we had at the C2C BIZZ Project event. Thank you to our hosts who made this event a superb, informative, engaging & ultimately enjoyable conference. As Paul said after day one, " It is not easy to keep people inspired for so long, the exciteme...
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