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100% Biodegradable gNappies!?

It was a sunny day here in London when we met with the awesome ladies at gNappies to discuss our partnership.

For Paul & I it seemed like a full circle event as we had first met each other in mid summer 2006 at a local NCT class. We had a discussion about the awesome gNappies & there biodegradability then already, we had no idea that we were to be business partners 7 years later.

gNappies spent loads of time, energy and dedication to produce a 100% compostable insert for their fun & colourful gNappies range. Why compostable you ask? Well, we all know that conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world. And the paradox is that only 5% of the worlds' population use them. Crazy huh!? It is a fact of stunning proportions met by another amazing fact: it takes around 500 years for a single "disposable" diaper/nappy to biodegrade. So the development of a compostable diaper liner is just what the world needs.

The real magic is that to make this a reality, only the most rigorous scientific, ecological and biological testing would be suitable for the best quality product.

In came the Cradle to Cradle® Certification process and after a number of years of development, we have compostable gNappies world wide. The disposable 100% compostable inserts are C2C Certified® Silver are now available on the very unique Cradle to Cradle Marketplace in awesome fun colours and perfect sizes from newborn to toddler.

Cradle to Cradle Marketplace is your online portal for ALL Cradle to Cradle Certified® products. What is C2C® you ask? Simply put, C2C products are designed to be 100% good in ALL realms. The design protocols are uber rigorous, scientifically measuring down to the particles per million for any toxin or harmful ingredients or materials.

Producing these super healthy products by eliminating any damaging or harmful materials, taking water stewardship, social fairness and renewable energy into consideration is what makes each product the best quality it can be.

Re-Utilizing these healthy useful materials and keeping them in unique closed loop systems allows for the elimination of all the harmful materials in products that we use daily. How awesome is THAT!

We are sincerely overjoyed to have partnered with gNappies here in the UK and look forward to sharing the Cradle to Cradle® & gNappies loveliness with new mums and babies globally.

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