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Pioneering Closed Loop Effectiveness

Dutch province of Fryslân chooses closed-loop recycling with Satino Black

Just recently, the province of Friesland and Theater de Maaspoort in Venlo decided in favour of purchasing Satino Black. The province of Friesland and Van Houtum have also entered into an additional closed-loop recycling agreement. We take back recovered paper from the province and turn it into Satino Black, which is subsequently purchased by the province of Friesland again.

"You can't get more sustainable than that", says Rob Stevens from our Business Development department. He praises the provincial authorities for their sense of responsibility. "They insisted on sending their recovered paper to Limburg for use as a raw material for new products. By doing so, Friesland accepts full responsibility for its own output of recovered paper and prevents it from being shipped all over the world. A ludicrous situation that is unfortunately all too common even when local solutions are far more obvious when you consider the ecological impact."

"We are simply applying the Cradle to Cradle principle", says a spokeswoman for the province of Friesland. "We store our recovered paper and re-use it. The fact that Van Houtum processes our paper in a sustainable process makes the arrangement doubly effective. Sustainability is the guiding principle for everything we do and is an obligation rather than an objective: a commitment to ourselves, our children and our habitat. We must ensure that Fryslân continues to be the finest province in the Netherlands in terms of where to live, work, spend leisure time and study. This is what we want to achieve in collaboration with the inhabitants of Friesland, local government, official bodies and businesses. Van Houtum is one of those businesses."

Theater de Maaspoort in Venlo has also consciously chosen in favour of sustainable toilet use in its new theatre building. The toilets are equipped with Satino Black Dispensers that dispense Satino Black toilet paper and hand towels. The hygienic paper is made from 100% recovered paper and has absolutely no harmful effects on the environment and human health.

"Sustainability is considered very important by Theater De Maaspoort and is also explicitly referred to in our mission statement", says theatre director Leon Thomassen. "The price of the paper is very competitive and the matt black dispensers are handsome units in their own right. The latter is very important for us: we want our 130,000 visitors to have a thoroughly good time and a handsomely styled interior is an indispensable part of that experience."

Peijs Verpakkingen in Venlo supplies the Satino Black products to De Maaspoort. The province of Friesland's supplier is Boso BV in Sneek. Rob Stevens: "Local for Local is also one of the basic principles of doing business ecologically and responsibly. As you can see, it is taken very seriously in both Friesland and Limburg."

Photo: The toilets in theater de Maaspoort are equipped with Satino Black hygienic paper and dispensers. Supplier Luuk Peijs of Peijs Verpakkingen, theatre director Leon Thomassen and account manager Dave Timmermans from van Houtum (f.l.t.r.) are proud of the result.


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