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Helping you choose the best materials – Amy’s story

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at Cradle to Cradle Marketplace is helping clients to achieve “more” for their projects. One such client is Amy Fetzer, who we worked with to add value to her extensive home refurbishment and extension.

Amy is no stranger to sustainability and has worked in the area for many years as a sustainability consultant, journalist and author. She approached us with the task of trying to go as far as possible with the sustainable choices for her project, and the results speak for themselves. We worked through how Cradle to Cradle® design principles go beyond the traditional “reduce your environmental footprint”, working towards a framework that produces and promotes very high quality and valuable assets that through design have value in the future.

This can sometimes disrupt conventional thinking when it comes to budgeting for your project, as well as asking more of your team of contractors.

We stood by Amy, offering valuable support to break through this pain barrier that can lead many to fall at the first hurdle, when it comes to lesser-known positive solutions, like better material choices.

MOSA tiles in the bathroom

MOSA tiles in the bathroom

At C2CMP we always aim to remove that pain point to accessing the many Cradle to Cradle Certified® solutions that are currently available. Sometimes it can be slightly harder to get hold of items in the UK because the market hasn’t matured so much as in the rest of Europe, and does not always ask for the best in class, but in some cases ask for sustainability characteristics if they come with a cheap price and are easily available.

However, truly sustaining solutions may sometime cost more at the selection stage, but will pay surprising and often unexpected dividends down the line.

Wood fibre Insulation throughout

Wood fibre Insulation throughout

We are delighted to see the difference we were able to make for Amy and her project.  This has included a beautiful bathroom fitted out with Mosa tiles, floor covering from Tarkett, and extensive use of wood fibre insulation.

Tarkett flooring

Tarkett flooring

We can’t wait to see the final results. We will leave the final words to Amy…

“Despite working in sustainability, as a consumer, I found it immensely hard to find genuinely sustainable products for the build and fit out of my project. And when I did find options, it was challenging to know which products were appropriate for my build, and whether they were actually any good.“Having Paul to help me hone in on some areas where I could make a real impact, and directing me to some great sustainable products and companies was really helpful. It still wasn’t an easy journey, but I really appreciated Paul’s input and enthusiasm, and he provided much-needed support, as it did feel like hard work at times. I would highly recommend others bring Cradle to Cradle Marketplace on board for their sustainability projects.” 

The completed project


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