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Celebrating a Cradle to Cradle Christmas

Let's Celebrate in true Cradle to Cradle Abundance

Celebrations over the Christmas holidays take on various forms for the diverse cultures all over the world. Most do however have one thing in common, family & friends, these are the people we celebrate both our challenges & victories with, in honour of close companionship, support and guidance.

For us, this year has surely had it's challenges and we have also had victories, some small & some quite significant and amazing!

Like ALL life, things evolve and so with evolution, we too evolve with changes and at times these challenges may seem insurmountable, albeit for a short while. The striving for us humans to do better is a deep need for achieving the impossible, the fundamental satisfaction of a goal attained allows us to celebrate!

We would like to celebrate our achievements with you, our readers, our customers and our Cradle to Cradle Community Peers.

As we all know, our world is evolving & changing, more and more people are joining this Cradle to Cradle Community, some as active participants, product designers, scientists, consultants, promotors and pioneers, some as enthusiasts, customers, journalists and some as inquisitive observers, ALL of whom add to the diligent & relentless growth of this ground breaking, earth re-shaping movement!

In celebration of this time of giving & receiving of gifts, of coming together of families & friends, of companionship, of uplifting the human spirit & the celebration of abundance & life, give a thought to what kind of legacy your gifts have to offer the receiver. Take conscious action, in line with all that is good, in line with your wise conscience and choose a Cradle to Cradle Certified® gift.

Cradle to Cradle gifts are truly the gift that keeps on giving to ALL children of ALL species for ALL time.


  • We began our Cradle to Cradle Marketplace 1st September 2014 by selling these amazing C2C Silver Certified® towels, NOW at MASSIVE REDUCTIONS. JULES CLARYSSE TOWELS. We have brought these towels down by almost 200% for you, now sharing the C2C love over Christmas is even easier!

  • Some of our colleagues in our C2C Community and others have bought quite a number of these Brabantia Bins for their offices, also for homes and bathrooms. Some awesome C2C Bronze BRABANTIA BINS available here at your very own Cradle to Cradle Marketplace.
  • If it is superbly warm natural fibres you are looking to give as a gift to keep your loved ones warm, TRIGEMA CHANGE Clothing is C2C Certified® Silver, a gift of the best quality and durability in 100% Cotton, for that special person.
  • Do you have a baby or have friends with a new born? Giving the Gift of the superbly designed gNappies Starter Pack is the perfect gift for new mum & baby.
  • On those cold winter days going into work or going on long walks, take a hot drink with you in these amazing XD DESIGN EcoMugs Certified BASIC and are 100% disassembled at end of use cycle, to become used again.
  • For those wishing to buy something for your work colleagues or even looking beyond the Christmas period for the giving of gifts, our friends at ECOR have some amazing wood & cellulose products made from C2C Basic Materials, our favourite is the wine box!!

These are just a few of the very special, high quality gifts your loved ones can look forward to receiving this Christmas. We believe in the act of giving and receiving in equal measure, for us it is truly the gift of giving Cradle to Cradle Certified® goods that makes this act even more meaningful and sincere, because of the consideration for ALL beings that has gone into making these superbly high quality products.

We wish you ALL a very festive and joyous time in celebration of family, friendships and life.

With Sincere Gratitude your friends here at
Cradle to Cradle Marketplace BRENDON & PAUL


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