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Trigema Change Autumn/Winter Range arrives in UK

Excellent German Ingenuity & Forward Thinking Clothing Manufacture

We are very happy to announce the arrival of our first order of the Trigema Change range of clothing!

It may be a small box but it is packed with excellent German Ingenuity & Forward thinking Clothing Manufacture.

Trigema has partnered with Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart of the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) in Hamburg and suppliers, including dye-stuff manufacturer Ciba, to develop a T-shirt which can end its life nourishing the soil to support the beginning of a new life for another cotton plant, by being composted.

Trigema, the largest t-shirt and sports clothing manufacturer in Germany, has long offered clothing meeting the Oeko-tex standards for prevention of substances harmful to humans in textiles—especially important for people with chemical sensitivities and allergic reactions. The biodegradable t-shirt will go a step further, having only components which can be fully biodegraded to substances which are part of the known biological cycle.

To achieve this Trigema uses 100% cotton grown in Turkey & is free of pesticides and fertilizer residues. The yarn is spun in Greece using making the use of natural paraffins. Trigema uses dyes which have been specially developed to be biodegradable—which are reported to be longer-lasting and truer than standard dyes in addition to their human- and ecofriendly properties.

We proudly offer these superbly crafted items of clothing here on the Cradle to Cradle Marketplace.

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