C2C ExpoLab

C2C ExpoLAB specialises in the practical application of Cradle to Cradle principles in the built environment and (governmental) policy.

"We assist both clients (such as governmental and educational institutions) and contractors (including architects and builders) alike. We gladly provide expert advice on policy-making, procurement and (re)construction projects, and firmly embed the basic C2C principles within your project. This enables you to earn and simultaneously save money by exploiting the circular economy concept in a highly innovative way.

We do this because we passionately believe in a better, healthier world, and are convinced that the application of the circular economy and Cradle to Cradle concept has a positive influence on your business case.

We constantly strive to make intelligent links between sustainable solutions, and continually search for synergy benefits. Our ultimate aim is raising the bar and realising genuine added value for both client and user in each and every project that we are involved in."

Clients and contractors

C2C ExpoLAB advises both clients (such as government authorities, project developers and school boards) and contractors in the practical application of circular principles within construction and government.


The fabulous folks, Bas & Eva, who ran the C2C Centre in Venlo The Netherlands were always helpful, knowledgeable & supportive people when it came to anything you wanted to know about the world of Cradle to Cradle® design, products, organisations and engagement.

Their comprehensive database of global Cradle to Cradle® activity & businesses was invaluable to anyone looking to gain traction in their journey through & to becoming more aware of the ground breaking movement that is Cradle to Cradle®.

We partnered with the C2C-Centre to help develop the understanding of C2C. This collaboration existed to not only give you access to the fantastic Cradle to Cradle Certified® products we sell but also & more importantly to access the broad knowledge base C2C-Centre has to offer in all spheres of industry, business & awareness. All now transferred to the C2C ExpoLAB

"The C2C-Centre was founded in 2012 by the C2CExpoLAB as part of its broader ambition to become the front-runner on the regional application of the C2C® principles. It was administered and supported by the C2C ExpoLAB Foundation.

The C2C ExpoLAB is the unique specialised knowledge hub and applier of the circular economy and the Cradle to Cradle® principles within the built environment and (governmental) building processes. We advise about the embedment of innovative sustainability within the built environment and governments.

The C2C ExpoLAB helps at both sides of a project. Either we advise you as a commissioning company (for example governments, municipality, developer etc.), or we help the accepter of an assignment (e.g. architect, building contractor or advisor) within the built environment and governmental processes. For example with policy, tender, procurement and the design of (public) building to earn and save money using the circular economy." - Eva Starmans

Bas van de Westerlo

Bas was our right hand man at C2C Centre and has been a huge support in the development of your Cradle to Cradle Marketplace. He is superbly knowledgeable and a very C2C® savy, both in environmental & practical application of the C2C® principles & philosophy.

Eva Starmans

Eva is one of those people who quietly gets on with changing the world one job at a time. Eva supported Bas in doing his job which in turn meant Eva has been helping and implementing the fabulous support we always received from C2C Centre!


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