Circuitree-Power to the People

Safe, reliable and cost effective Solar acquisition, storage and distribution.

Game changing innovation in power storage and use

Energy demand is growing globally, whilst climate change threatens both our habitat and species as a whole.

In a modern world with an ageing infrastructure, traditional methods for generating and distributing power can no longer meet our needs in an efficient and environmentally responsible way…

Circuitree offers one of the most reliable, comprehensive and safe clean energy solutions for commercial, residential, agricultural and off-grid applications, in the UK, EU & Africa.

The Aquion Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver battery technology

The primary focus for Circuitree is the design of systems that are low impact, fully autonomous, require little or no maintenance and are built for longevity.

Circuitree believes this can be achieved best by using environmentally sound technologies and practices. So they use the safest batteries in the world…

Until recently, energy storage options have revolved around Lead Acid or Lithium Ion based batteries, both of which possess environmental, disposal and numerous safety hazards, inherent in their chemistry.

Saltwater Batteries

Circuitree are unique in their specialised use of environmentally friendly battery chemistries, these include saltwater batteries, designed & manufactured by USA company, Aquion Energy, the first and only batteries to achieve prestigious the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver, worldwide.

Made from naturally abundant materials, AHI batteries are environmentally benign, they contain no heavy metals or toxic chemicals, are non-flammable and non-explosive, making them the cleanest, safest batteries in the world.

Suitable for homes, businesses, airside applications and pristine environments, AHI saltwater batteries deliver excellent performance and incredible lifespans.

Due to their excellent performance and the abundant nature of the chemistry, we deliver much greater capacity at lower cost, giving you greater independence & affordability from a unique and sustainable product.


In partnership with Circuitree, Cradle to Cradle Marketplace is offering a unique offer on the Circuitree Starter Power Stack.

The offer includes:

1 x Aquion Aspen s30 battery stack 3000+ cycles
1 x Circuitree OG 500 - control unit & hybrid inverter c/w mppt charger
1 x Colour display with remote monitoring option
1 x 500w Freestanding solar panel array complete
1 x Cables & connector pack
1 x RCD protected power distribution hub

5 year warranty when fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

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