Trigema Change C2C Embroidery

The lovely folks, Wolfgang, Elizabeth, Bonita, Wolfgang Jnr & their AWESOME employees in Stuttgart have put over 20 years worth of research, development and exceptional dedication to making the superb Trigema Change range of Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Apparel.

You now have the fabulous opportunity of having your company branding skilfully embroidered on Polo T-Shirts, Hooded Sweaters, Round neck T-shirts & pretty much any of the Trigema Change range of clothes we sell.

How awesome to have a 100% Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold garment , not only for you & the planet but imagine how your staff and employees will feel when you give them their new branded C2C Certified® T-Shirts. This shows you respect them, their families and their health...100%.

The images are examples of the exceptional work Wolfgang Jnr , he runs the Trigema Embroidery division.

Whether you want 1 or 10 000 garments embroidered, the service quality and unrivalled work excellence is guaranteed! The more you order the less it costs!

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The Grupp Family

The fantastic advantage of Trigema being a family run and owned business is that you/we get a very personal & bespoke service. That knowledge that these people are connected to every aspect of your experience of their product and that it is ultimately a great one!

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