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Bayonix® sports bottle




The world's first 100% safe and fully circular sports bottle for serious athletes. After 2.5 years of passionate development, the Bayonix® bottle is now ready!

The Bayonix® bottle is without any pollutants or negatively impactful chemistry what so ever and is 100%  safely biodegradable. Neither pollutants nor micro plastic remain after composting. Recycling is very easy and eco-effective and is completely odourless and has a truly neutral taste.

If you are serious about your health, fitness and sports, Bayonix® is a perfect match as we are just as dedicated about your health and fitness aswell as the health and fitness of our planet.

If after many years of hard work supporting your energetic activities, you break the bottle down into it's components, send it back to Stefan at Bayonix® and they reuse the valued C2C Platinum  materials immediately, to make new bottles, no lose of quality, no compromises. 

All parts of Bayonix® are made out of a revolutionary new material, designed without compromise, to be leakproof, healthy, safe & leave no toxic traces in our bodies or anywhere at anytime. 

Even at a micro plastic level, the material is safe for the ocean, for all creatures on both land or sea. 

Spare parts are also available, to keep your bottle in service longer!

Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold. 

Material Health at the Platinum Level.

No Compromises at any level!

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